Check here the main characteristics

Find out in the following gallery the system's appearance, its underlying concepts and a description of its basic structure.

  1. Vertical slice
    Vertical slice
    The structure is held by columns that leave most of the internal space available.
  2. Bird view
    Bird view
    The top view shows how each column splits into three arms to optimize the structure.
  3. External Infrastructure
    External Infrastructure
    The previous basic component is used to build up this pyramidal structure with octogonal base - 2.500 sqrm base and 15 m height - all of it on walls for more versatility.
  4. External appearance
    External appearance
    The pyramidal structure concentrates heat at the vertex, but creates, at ground level, a perfectly usable space with geothermal AC.
  5. Process
    Click on this image to view the internal components of the system by which seawater is evaporated and both distilled water and salt are generated.