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We are already into a state of crisis that will only worsen in the coming years.

AQUA.abib offers a sustainable system to produce water and salt through seawater desalination.

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Water is an overused and undervalued resource. The ever-expanding water demand of the world’s growing population and economy, combined with the impacts of climate change, are already making water scarcity a reality for a good part of the world's population—and with it we are witnessing severe damage to livelihoods, 
Water Crisis
human health, and ecosystems. In less than 20 years demand for water will be 40% higher than it is today, and more than 50% higher in the most rapidly developing countries. Historic rates of supply expansion and efficiency improvement will close only a fraction of this gap. Unless we improve the way we envision and manage water, there will be many more hungry villages and degraded environments—and economic development itself will be put at risk in many countries. (2030 Water Resources Group)
Our System
We offer the first sustainable system to separate water from its solutes in order to generate both fresh water and other products like commercial salt and fertilizers.

The system is based in a large pyramid that concentrates the sun's energy at its apex, reaching temperatures of over 100oCelsius. Water is nebulized there and water vapour is separated from its solutes, which then fall at the base of the pyramid. The water vapour is driven to a central condensation column. Finally the fresh water is stored in underground galleries.
Our system generates fresh water at competitive prices, may be installed in weeks, does not generate brine or CO2 emmissions and the structure can be used for other purposes (2.500m2 for leisure, shelter, farming, ...) and also enjoys natural airconditioning.